Wednesday, February 27, 2013

(Late) Top Ten Tuseday

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Alright, thought it was about time I took part in Top Ten Tuseday! After all who doesn't like lists? Especially top ten lists! Anyway, this week's is authors that I'd put on my auto-buy list! I have quite a few (and some new ones I discovered through running this blog, so let's get started shall we...?

10) Max Brooks

Zombies. I can't seem to get enough of them! So he's on this list because of World War Z, and the Zombie Survival Guide. His story carry a lot of wit and clever jokes with a certain air of creepiness that sneaks up on you. There was one point in reading World War Z where I couldn't sleep since I had read it too late at night! The moment he writes another zombie book I'm pre-buying!

9) Phillip Pullman

I will always love Phillup Pullman as his series 'His Dark Materials' was a major part of my childhood. Actually I don't think there was a single child who read those book that didn't desperately want a daemon of their own at some point. I know I did. His world building was breath-taking -- and I've been an avid reader of this ever since!

8) James Patterson

James Patterson writes in not one, but two genres I hold very close to my heart. Mystery thrillers, and fantasy. I eat up every single one of his Alex Cross books, and I'm looking forward to starting his Witch and Wizard series soon! His Maximum Ride series is how I first got introduced to him via a friend's suggestion, and I haven't stopped reading his books since!

7) Neil Gaiman
I was first introduced to Neil Gaiman when I came across his collaboration with Terry Pratchet, resulting in one of my favourite books of all time, Good Omens (seriously if you haven't picked it up already do so. Now. After all what could be better than an angel and a demon teaming up to stop the Apocalypse? That's right nothing). Then I found his series American Gods, which is also amazing and everyone should give it a try.

6) Terry Pratchet

Again, I found him through discovering Good Omens, stayed for the awesomeness that was the Discworld series.  His books are awesome and well thought out, and a touch on the weird side, everyone should honestly give them a shot!

5) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The man who gave me Sherlock Holmes and unintentionally responsible for there being more Robert Downey Jr. on the silver screen. Seriously though, even if you are not a fan of classical literature you should try reading Sherlock Holmes. The writing is spectacular and surprisingly modern so I think it's easier for most people to get into than other books listed as 'classical lit' (seriously , just because it's old doesn't make it automatically 'good'. Ugh the only thing I dislike about my major I swear.)

4) Chuck Palahniuk

Now if you like weird books with unique characters and plot, look no farther than Mr. Chuck Palahniuk. I was introduced to him by being forced to read his short story collection, 'Guts' during a particularly slow tech class in school. Let just say that my stomach is stronger now than it used to be since I almost passed out while reading it. When it comes to gore, he's a genius his description is vivid enough to put a picture into your mind while simultaneously being vague enough to leave things to your imagination which only make his descriptions more horrific. That said he is also great at showing not telling which set his novels up to have fantastic plot twists that make your jaw drop and he's also responsible for Fight Club, Invisible Monsters and Choke. All of which are fantastic -- if you are tired of reading books that all feel the same -- try this guy out.

3) Terri-Lynne Smiles

A relatively new author on the scene, but if you haven't seen my review for her book 'Foreseen' go check it out right now. I gave it a solid 10 for a reason.  I'm planning to buy the next book in the series 'Choices' as soon as it's available. As a reader I love it when I can tell just how much care she put into writing this book. How much effort she put into developing EVERY member of the main cast. It was excellent.

2) Scott Westerfield
Go read Peeps or the Midnighters series and you'll understand why he's here.  I simply love this man's brain! I find his ideas and plots compelling, and his characters to be both lovable and relatable! His books are a great mix of fun, adventure and intrigue.

1) Mark Z. Danielwski
House of Leaves and Only Revolutions ring a bell? If not I'd definitely recommend checking them out. I'll be the first to admit that his writing might not be for everyone, there is a reason his writing is in the genre 'experimental fiction'. That said I don't think anyone else could pull off telling three stories simultaneously even half as well as he did in House of Leaves. His writing is poetic, and complex, and full of hidden messages (literally -- hidden messages and codes in the form of purposeful spelling errors and the like).  As far as I'm concerned both of his books are masterpieces. I cannot stress my love for them enough.  

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